Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Made Pizza!

Today , er yesterday - in order to squeeze them in I'm almost a day behind.
Yesterday's diet -
At 1:00 p.m. I had lunch - half a bag of salad , with canned tuna on top , grape tomatoes and greek feta cheese , salad dressing. I drank a can of Pepsi and had XM's 44 - Adam Ant's Ant Music stuck in my head for the rest of the day I was even whistling it as I prepared homemade pizzas for me and my family.
at 7:00 - I dug into a delicious homemade pizza - ever have one of those homemade pizza nights?( when I was little my mother used to buy the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit - now we go all out.) I topped mine with - pepperoni , black olives , green peppers , purple onions , tomatoes , zucchini , and mushrooms. Yum!
I was too stuffed to eat anything else.

Today -
It was Toonie Tuesday at KFC. I'm not sure if you have that in the states - basically it's a chicken deal - two pieces of chicken usually a thigh and a leg with fries for a little over $2.
I got that with the added option of a third piece and a Pepsi.
Later at 6:00 I had two of my remaining slices of leftover pizza and a container of Hunt's
butterscotch pudding.

Recall Andy Warhol's purple sundae - Where even the whipped cream and sauce was purple - that always makes me think of doing an entire day dedicated to one color - like doing an orange day with an entire menu made of orange food - Orange sherbet , mac n'cheese , Crush soda , carrot sticks - or red - chili or borst , red licorice , radishes.

Favorite movie food scene of the day - In That Touch of Mink , Gig Young is mistaken for a rakish wolf after Doris Day by her guarding friend Audrey Meadows ( Lucy's friend Ethel? in I Love Lucy ) who works in an automat ( remember those great old food cafeteria's where the food was in a little cubby behind a glass window ). Gig , unsuspecting , puts in a quarter for a
slice a pie and while he's grabbing it- Audrey's hand reaches out and smacks him across the face! Gig does a wild jump and quickly puts the pie back.
I hope you like the vintage ad! it's from a McCalls magazine from the 60's.

So what did you eat today?

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