Monday, January 5, 2009


Hi , Peachalulu here , wondering what, exactly do you , and well others eat on a daily basis.
It’s just an experiment , I’m not a secret nutritionist or anything ( my diet should give that
away real quick! ) nor am I doing this to see if people gorge on , say , a whole pack of
Jimmy Dean sausage for breakfast. Call me curious , with so many food choices out there
what is it, that people are eating - I’m keeping this as an on going food journal - each day
I’ll post my food choices and I'm hoping you will too! - you don’t have to be
exactly precise like , with water - unless you’re as unusual about it as me , being a cola-holic
I can go days without a cool glass of water but I want you to be as honest as possible for
instance -

Sunday January 4
I didn’t eat until 2:00 p.m. - I devoured two take out McDonalds double cheeseburgers and washed it down with a can of Dr. Pepper.
Later at 5:30 - I fried up diced onion added two cups of leftover rice from the night before and sprinkled on Club House Tex Mex spice to jazz it up - with that I drank rip off diet cola from a recycled Big Gulp cup.
At 9:00 while watching a Leo DiCaprio movie I had a scoop of Heavenly Hash ice cream with
a drizzle of gooey, hot fudge.
At 10:00 half way through the movie I was contemplating making french fries with ketchup
but I resisted.

- My weight before Christmas was 128 , not bad , for my size 5'7. But after turkey , bacon quiche , pumpkin pie , cool whip , ice cream sundaes ( complete with cool whip , hot fudge
and marachino cherries ) I gained 4 pounds. I am now 132 so my diet will probably cool
off from mentioning what I’m actually eating and balloon to what I’m dreaming of eating.

- Don’t hold back on snacks! - The day before I had two Icy Square chocolates from a
Christmas Present. ( which is so minor you may not think to include these nibbles ) nor on a secret urge you resisted - for instance even though I was eating Heavenly Hash & hot fudge I couldn’t help wishing it was the somewhat lighter tasting Strawberry Sundae from McDonalds. P.S. you don't have to post your weight.

Did you know Charo told a New York Daily News reporter back in the 80's that she liked
lettuce , cucumber , salami , anchovy and pepperoni on her pizza?!

* Movie Food Scene for the Day -In Hitchcock's sumptuous color extravaganza To Catch a Thief , the world’s most glamorous duo - Cary Grant and the icily perfect Grace Kelly have a tailgate picnic in a juicy red alpha romero. She pulls out fried chicken from her picnic
basket to coyly offer - leg or breast? To which Cary Grant at his most dare-I-say-it-deadpan pause replies - you choose. This sly dilemma was duplicated on the small screen in an episode of a short lived ( 3 year ) spin off of Growing Pains - Just the Ten of Us which had a coach with 4 teenage daughters one with aspirations of becoming a nun ( a hilarious Heather Langekamp of horror notoriety A Nightmare on Elm Street ) going to an all catholic boys school. The episode called The dinner Test had the harried father gleefully offering his daughter’s
never-to-be-boyfriend a plate of chicken to which he’d slyly ask - so what does a young man like to sink his teeth into thigh or breast? To the applause of the girls the boy ( a shy Matthew Perry )wisely replies - Wing.

So , what did you eat today?

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