Thursday, January 8, 2009


- Yesterday I made cut up potatoes for lunch - I didn’t eat them raw! , they're oven fried and one of my favorite non-recipe-recipes. I take two potatoes snap off pieces with a knife so they’re all bite sized but jagged , boil them for about a minute to get rid of the starch and cook them
in foil with olive oil and Tex Mex spice under broil for about twenty minutes. Then I
peel back the foil and let them crisp for about five minutes - depends on how hot your
oven gets. I also wanted some extra heat and sprinkled on red pepper flakes. It’s a
great substitute for fries. I washed them down with rip off Dr. Pepper called Dr. Zip!
Isn’t that name hysterical it sounds like some sort of marvel comic book villain.
Beware of Dr. Zip with zap gun death ray.
- I stopped by a dollar store and noticed a new chocolate bar , I can be a sucker for trying out a new flavor - most of the time I try and stay away from them knowing that if I found something I really liked it could be gone within a month. Anyway it was a new Reece
bar called whipped Reece? It was like an off spring of a Reece’s peanut butter cup and
a Mars bar it wasn’t bad kind of overly sweet but then I’m a Big Turk fan ( for some
reason I don’t think that’s called the same in the states - it’s the chocolate bar that’s
made of a long cherry jube-jube covers in chocolate. )
For dinner I decided to go healthy and make soup , I have to make a huge pot of this
when eating with my family cause nobody takes just one bowl. It’s rather ordinary vegetable beef soup but since it’s fresh it tastes so good. I used four cartons of beef broth.
Cut up half a bag of baby carrots , a whole bunch of celery , one large onion and sauteed
them. Then cooked up two packs of beef cubes ( I used stewing beef then cut them into
smaller pieces ) , at least twelve potatoes cut and cubed and cooked in olive oil till soft.
While the beef broth was heating up I threw in half a pack of egg noodles and when they
were half way cooked I dumped in everything else. 1 huge pot barely lasts till the next
My dessert is one Little Debbie chocolate cupcake.
Food Scene of the day - I love that old magical movie called Journey to the Center of the
Earth especially the scene where after tiring of salt beef they come to a Forest of Mushrooms as Pat Boone dubbed it , and who looks to the evergreen height of them no bigger than a Smurf. They soon find themselves eating everything from mushroom soup , mushroom steak to even
James Mason rising to the tantalizing aroma of hot mushroom porridge.

Today I made a western sandwich for lunch - I had no green pepper so I just added ham and onions.
Later on at 8:00 I had a dish of homemade scalloped potatoes cause I was in the mood for them and used cream , butter , thin cut potatoes , dry mustard spice and some Parmesan cheese they turned out quite good.
Afterwards my sweet tooth was demanding chocolate so I had two Little Debbie cupcakes.
Food scene of the day -
- A Patch of Blue - what is this wonderful drink? Cries blind Elizabeth Hartman cradling her conical carton like it held the fountain of youth - why it’s just pineapple juice Sidney Poiter says realizing his new friend is blind to more than just sight and opens her up to a whole world of flavors including that new york deli favorite - corned beef. Oh and don’t forget their shopping scene in which Sidney Poitier makes it seem more fun than Disney land - zooming down the aisles while Selena stands on the cart but not to be undone is the Orange pyramid scene in which Selena starts an avalanche and Sidney to keep them all from toppling , hugs his body to it’s crumbling mountain chin resting on the top , his face a mask of regretful desperation perfectly paired with Selena’s innocent query did I drop one?

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